Lullalove - miniMRB sensory blanket

The SuperToy sensory blanket will help your baby discover the world!

This amazing big toy-blankie will provide your baby with a sense of security and peace. Contrasting colors, very squeezy filing and different kind of fabrics helps enhance growth and development. High contrast pattern with black, white and red colors stimulates sight. Special labels encourage baby to grasp.

Do you know that...

Your  beloved baby eyesight will develop rapidly in the first year of life? In fact, by age one, your little treasure, will almost have fully developed vision! It is very important to support that process by high contrast patterns like miniMRB has.

It is absolutely must have for every newborn!

Made in Poland.

Dedicated from the first day od life.

Dimensions: about. 13,5 cm x 22 cm.

All fabrics certified for babies.


Brand: Lullalove
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