Mr Maria- Brown XL Lamp

BROWN COURAGEOUS & ADORABLE- a new member of our Mr Maria Lamp family.
This bear is rather timid and mild-mannered. He is tight lipped and it’s very hard to read his thoughts through his expressionless face but when he gets excited he is really passionate. When his friends Moon and Cony get into trouble, he is the one who uses his instincts to solve the problem.

Mr Maria has transformed the Line Friends Brown Bear into a cute lamp that showers a mildly white glow of light into the surroundings when switched on. This extra large replica of the Line Friends Brown Bear can be placed on the floor or table inside the children’s room and nursery. It is stable on its wide base and completely safe for use. You can also adjust the Brown Bear lamp for the desired brightness and even use it as a night lamp too.  It never gets hot so children can cuddle and touch it freely.

Light source: white LEDs

Light adjustable dimmer

Polyethylene body

Dimensions: H52cm


Brand: Mr Maria
Product Code: MRM
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