Bamboo Hoodie- Pearl Grey

Bamboo Hoodie Blanket by Color Stories is a blend of simple design, tastful finishes and high quality fabrics. It is an essential element in every baby’s cot bed. It has been designed to give your baby a feeling of safety, softness and warmth as well as cosiness. Bamboo Hoodie Blankets are made of a unique blend of cotton and bamboo fibres. They are 100% natural, perfect for year round use providing an extra layer of comfort and protection without excessive heat during summer yet adding warmth in winter. The blend of fibres is naturally hypoallergenic making it perfect for babies with sensitive skin.  The blankets have a hoodie to protect baby’s head. They also have a tag where baby’s name can be written down. Size- 87x87 cm.

This item is a perfect idea for an elegant and original gift.

Suitable for machine washing and ironing. All fabrics  have EU certificates and are safe for baby’s skin.

Brand: Color Stories
Product Code: CS28
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