About Us

Nordville is a family run online shop based in Meath, Ireland. Our aim is to provide you with a wide selection of high quality goods- room decorations, baby and kids accessories and toys.

I am a mum to Szymon (7) and Hania (3) and they have been my greatest inspiration in choosing the products for the shop. I would not choose any toy if it was not approved by my “experts”. They are demanding- the product must be excellent quality, fun and it must spark their imagination. Hania is a big fan of wooden toys, especially play food- she spends a lot of time during the day in her pretend kitchen or at picnics with her teddies. Szymek is crazy about Lego so we introduced him to Lego Education series which is developing his knowledge in technology-based subjects, engineering or maths. He is learning a lot through play!

I also love beautiful things in the house- kids bedding, blankets, decorations. Not only the design is important- the quality and value for money plays a crucial role. We always try to stock products that will grow with your baby and look great for years... Many of our products will add a touch of colour and cosiness to your baby's and kids room, and look right at home in the sitting room too!

We combine various styles- modern, retro and vintage. But I love Scandinavian style the most- simple, pure, close to nature. We are passionate about supporting other small family-run businesses, and aim to continually increase our stock of eco friendly products. We want you to be excited by our expanding range of kids accessories and home decor - we have lots of plans for the future! 

And we love our business! We are small enough to provide a personal service - we remember most of our customers but big enough to ensure that we have a good support team to provide great service.

We are constantly adding new products to the shop, if you'd like to be updated on what's new, follow us on Facebook or visit our Blog.